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Registration Instructions

*there is a $20 registration fee*

1. Click             to be open My Campus Director in a new tab.

2. Click "Register for Recruitment."

3. Create an account, and write down your username and password somewhere safe!

4. Fill in all of your information.

  • Make sure the first letter of your first name and the first letter of your last name are capitalized.

  • Please provide the email address you check most often under "Preferred Email" and your Purdue email under "Purdue email"

  • List your Preferred Name as the name you would like to appear on your nametag.

  • When entering your GPA, please enter the number out to two decimal places (ex: 3.14).

5. Congratulations! You're ready for recruitment. Emails will be coming your way to let you know what the recruitment process will look like and how to prepare. 

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