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Recruitment Schedule Update!

As new information has arose about campus events and activities that are happening this Fall, the Panhellenic officers and FSCL staff has become concerned about the safety component of having Second Invitational the same day as the home opener for Purdue Football. Because of this and to foster a safe, welcoming, and productive recruitment experience, PHA has decided to make an adjustment to the second weekend of the Primary Recruitment Schedule. The new schedule will go as follows:

Open House - via Zoom

Friday August 27, 2021

First Invitational - via Zoom

Saturday August 28-29, 2021


Second Invitational - In-person

Sunday September 5, 2021

Preference - In-person

Monday, September 6, 2021

Bid Day - TBD

Tuesday, September 7, 20

As a recap, Open House and First Invitational will be online via Zoom. The Second Invitational and Preference rounds will be in-person on campus, following local travel, event size, and public health guidelines.

*this is subject to change following any change in safety guidelines*

Check out the Recruitment Rounds descriptions below for more specific information! If you have any questions regarding this decision or primary recruitment in general, please email

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