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About Recruitment

Everything you need to know before registering!

Welcome Potential New Member :

Purdue will be hosting Sorority Primary Recruitment this fall of 2023! Recruitment will follow an all in person schedule this year, meaning that Open House, First Invitational, Second Invitational, and Preference Round will be in person at chapter facilities! We will be using this website to disseminate all information needed during recruitment and throughout the year for the Panhellenic community. On this site, you will find: information about Purdue Sorority Life, the recruitment process and schedule (link at the bottom of this page), information for all of the chapters, and everything else you may need to know!

Purdue Sorority Recruitment will be occurring on the last weekend of August and the first weekend of September. Open House round will begin on Friday, August 25th and end on Saturday, August 26th. First Invitational will take place the following day on Sunday, August 27th. Due to the homecoming football game on Saturday, September 2nd, Second Invitational will take place Sunday, September 3rd. Preference round will take place on Monday, September 4th. Each round will consist of multiple events per day, the first round starting with 21 events and the number of events diminishes as you go through recruitment.

We are so excited that you are interested in joining sorority life at Purdue University. Throughout this process, you will meet some of the most amazing and dynamic women on our campus. They are giving, smart and kind, and we have no doubt that you are about to make friendships that will last a lifetime. In addition to joining a sorority, you will also be joining the Panhellenic sisterhood and greater fraternity, sorority, and the cooperative community at Purdue. It is within this community where you will create friendships, build yourself as a leader, serve the community, and ultimately become the best version of yourself. We look forward to seeing you this Sorority Recruitment season. Boiler Up!

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